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Amery Bohling is a full-time artist based in Scottsdale Arizona where she owns Amery Bohling Fine Art Studio/Gallery. Recognized as a skilled artist, her work vividly portrays the enduring strength of the West’s landscapes while skillfully capturing its' light. Most widely known for her vibrant straight forward paintings of the canyon, her work is a combination of old world and new West. Providing a contemporary perspective of traditional western landscapes, Bohling often features local life living within the landscape. Amery’s appreciation of the environment comes from “a desire to paint the landscape in its natural state and to preserve these beautiful locations for others to enjoy and future artists to visit.”


She has participated in national and international art exhibitions and is featured in multiple Art magazines including the cover page of Arizona Highway’s February 2019 issue celebrating the Grand Canyon National Park’s Centennial.  A sought-after instructor, she teaches primarily at Scottsdale Artists School. Bohling has recently released two instructional videos with Streamline Video/Liliedahl Production: Seascape Secrets and Painting the Grand Canyon. She has also been a main stage speaker at the Tucson and a speaker at the San Diego Plein Air Conventions.


For all the latest information follow Amery on instagram:  @amerybohling

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Email: amery@amerybohling.com                                Phone:  480-970-8837

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Amery Bohling Fine Western art