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Amery Bohling is an Arizona painter best known for her impressive works of the Grand Canyon.  Her paintings are in the style of romantic naturalism.  A hallmark from previous great artists who also painted the Canyon.  


In her youth Amery focused her attention on art and nature.  She spent time living in France to study at L'ecole Marchutz,  a small school nestled in the countryside of Aix en Provence.  Studies were strictly focused on painting in the tradition of the french impressionists.  It is here where she developed her love of painting from nature.  Cezanns' Mount Sainte-Victoire was training for her future as a canyon artist.


When she returned to the states she pursued her career by successfully participating in exhibitions and shows.  Sales were strong and her ambition drove her to seek new and harder subjects.  She loved painting western landscapes and soon found the Grand Canyon to be her ideal muse.  It was during a last minute stop to the northern rim that changed the direction of her career.  It was nature at its' best and painting it came naturally.  Her canyon works sold quickly and well.  Her next step was to open a studio and gallery in Old Town Scottsdale.  There she could be close to her collectors as well as her beloved Grand Canyon.

Amery continues to paint the Grand Canyon and participates in their annual fine art exhibition at Kolb Studio.   These events place her in good company with fellow Canyon artists.  She was also selected to create a cover for Arizona Highway’s February 2019 issue celebrating the Grand Canyon National Park’s Centennial.  


For all the latest information follow Amery on instagram:  @amerybohling

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